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New Year resolutions

   Welcome to my blog! Last year I taught it would be a nice thing to get a blog running as one of those new year resolutions but I only assembled a WordPress and few plugins together and published 2 posts, which isn’t that much for an initiative about posting useful stuff and updates on things I create?

   So this year, I decided I would keep it simple. I got my hands on Hexo which is (in my opinion) very easy to understand and use. It also seems simpler than WordPress and (hopefully) I won’t get as much junk from bots scavenging peaceful WordPress installations.

That’s a nice theme

   This blog uses a modified Hexo theme I found on Github at probberechts/cactus-dark. I tweaked it a bit to have the greenish accent set with my favorite color (That blue I put everywhere). I might as well tweak it some more in the future and maybe fix some bugs I encountered but this theme looks really nice. Thank you probberechts!


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