Code Libre #1

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Code Libre

   So as I explained in the last post, I browse Github a lot and sometimes I find very interesting stuff. A friend of mine once asked if I would do a quick summary of my findings on my blog even if I don’t particularly test them so here it is! It’s named Code Libre, pronounced like the cocktail but with Code instead of Cuba. I wanted some kind of fancy name because I plan to do this often and it could be considered as a serie of posts I guess. So without further ado, let’s dive in.


   Did you ever wish you could become a ninja? Well sadly this tool won’t make you one but it might make you feel like you are compiling like a ninja. It’s a small build system focused on speed.
   If your C/C++ project already has a CMakeLists.txt file, you only need to run cmake -GNinja and it will generate a Ninja Makefile! Once this is done, type ninja and boom your code is compiling (at least if your C++ can compile).
   I’ve actually tried this tool to build a specific branch of the SFML Library and it went so fast I thought something went wrong and I didn’t setup the library correctly! This tool seems very interesting however I still need to look into how it works to debug code built using this system on Visual Studio as I love it’s debug tools.


   If you want to use C# but your favorite library is in C/C++, this tool might be useful for you. According to the project’s, it seems to be a tool and set of libraries that could bind C/C++ libraries to C#. Some parts of this tool are based on Clang, the C/C++ compiler. It is also part of the Mono project so it should be compatible on multiple platforms.


   Recently, I changed the comment system of my blog and switched over to Github issues. I made the style and the API calls to Github by myself. Few days later, I stumble uppon this project which seems to do exactly that and seems to have even more features. So if you are interested in doing something similar for your blog or website, this might be worth looking to. It is even used on the Haxe documentation.


   Kotlin has been spiking my interest for some time and when I found this project, it made me want to play Minecraft. I always dreamed about creating my own mods on this game but never took the time to make something as complex as I imagined. This project seems to allow the creation of Minecraft mods in Kotlin. It kind of make sense since Minecraft and its mods are in Java, Kotlin should work too since it operates on the JVM.

That’s it

   I hope you enjoyed this post! To my surprise someone actually commented on my blog yesterday and I would like to thank him again for this. I decided to not use any kind of analytic software to track the readers so having feedback means a lot! So how about you, do you explore Github too sometimes? Have you found any interesting stuff? I would love to hear your opinion and/or your feedback! I’ll see you next time :).


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